Quite often, we are asked as to the difference between an Estimate and a Quote – The creaking of the worn cabinet door that you have lived with for years has finally turned from tolerable to annoying. The poorly lit and inadequate countertops that for awhile were enough to prepare quick meals now feel overly cramped. “This is it,” you exclaim as you finally admit what you always knew had to happen; time to find someone to remodel the kitchen. Flicking through advertisement after advertisement of contractors offering the almighty “FREE ESTIMATE,” you decide to give three contractors a try. Several contractors meet with you to discuss your goals, hopes, and desires for your new kitchen. As promised, over the next few days, a couple page estimates from each contractor is delivered for review. One common theme is noticed – MATERIAL ALLOWANCES. Allowances are common among estimates because an estimate is exactly that, an educated guess on the final cost of a project. Because many aspects of your San Antonio  remodeling project haven’t been chosen, the contractors have to guess the value of what you might select for plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, tile, and other materials. If any of your selections goes over this allowance guess or if the materials chosen cost more to install, the overall cost of the project will increase. Estimates are a way to expedite the remodeling process by eliminating proper planning; however, this method will more than likely result in an unexpected final bill. Kitchen Design The most efficient and cost effective way to remodel your home in San Antonio is through proper planning prior to speaking with contractors about the project. This is often done with an interior designer or an architect to design every aspect of the new space to include all material selections. Once a set of complete plans is prepared, contractors can provide a solid quote based on the design. A quote doesn’t guess at any aspect of the renovation, unlike its haphazard cousin – the estimate. When your project is thoroughly designed and quoted, you can count on accurate pricing and an overall better remodeling experience. Lone Star Remodeling and Renovations is both an interior design and a construction company. Consider using our design department to develop plans for your new space prior to consulting with contractors. We would love the opportunity to also provide you with a quote based on the designs. Call us today at 210.602.7778 to setup a design consultation!

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