An unfortunate trend over the past few years is the increasing number of home builders trying their hand out in the remodeling industry. Due to the lack of new homes sales and the increasing demand for remodeling, these builders have now looked to the remodeling industry to put their crews to work and sustain them until new homes sales are back on the rise. There are many important reasons why builders are ineffective as remodelers and homeowners should be aware of hiring them for remodeling projects.

San Antonio Builders Builders are excellent at building houses, it’s what they do. However, building is their profession, not remodeling. Both the builder and their crews are not used to working in a home that is already lived in. They are used to working with the radio on and leaving a trail of debris from the constructed house to the street. Typically, builders work at job sites and not homes. They don’t have the processes in place or are properly trained on how to keep your home clean while protecting your family and belongings.

Another issue we have noticed with builders in the remodeling industry is their inability to price projects correctly. Remember that they typically do not have to deal with impact areas of a remodel. They might not understand that remodeling a kitchen could effect several other spaces in your home and not price accordingly. This could result in numerous change orders which will ultimately drive up the cost for the homeowner.

At some point the new home construction market will swing back and these builders will be back to doing their full-time jobs, building houses, while forgetting their remodeling customers. Choose a full-time remodeling firm thats focus is on this industry and will be there for you for years to come.

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