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At Lone Star Remodeling And Renovations, we offer premier residential roofing systems in San Antonio. The roofing system is the most important part of a home.

From functionality to aesthetics, a roofing system protects your property and loved ones, and makes a lasting impression about how you value your residence.


We offer high-end roofing systems such as wood, shingle, metal, slate, and clay.


We know your roof is important that is why we are the preferred contractor for many roofing materials.  We don’t take chances with unproven brands. We only work with the top manufacturers that have warranties and install them according to specifications.  Your roof is designed to protect everything you own.  We make sure it does its job.

Our crews are experienced and supervised. We are experts in applying wood, shingle, metal, slate, clay, and built-up roofing materials.  We have years of experience in residential roofing.

Our roofing projects start with a complete roof inspection. A one-on-one thorough review of the roofing project will be given to let you know exactly which roofing products will be used on your home.

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