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On December 22, 2013, in Design, by Ilze Rodriguez

Contemporary DesignTraditional spaces have dominated design with the use of smooth angles and gentle curves. It is not surprising that every house on the block looks alike, from every kitchen design to the detail of the fireplace. Traditional has aspired designers to think outside of the box and reach for something unique, something contemporary.

A contemporary design offers the homeowner the opportunity to make their home an individual project that sets apart from the rest. “Contemporary design is like a work of art” says Nicole Michaud, Designer for Lone Star Remodeling and Renovations, “with its clean sleek lines it creates a space with minimal distraction to the eye, which also creates [a space] of tranquility.”

By following the dictum “form follows function” by Louis Sullivan, you can make a space not only clutter free and efficient, but also make it a high end project by adding a contemporary touch. Through the use of stainless steel, nickel or chrome in your fixtures, you are able to give the space a touch of elegance and sleekness. By adding frosted or clear glass in your shower, you draw the eye to all the small details and make those the main capture of attention. If trying to add some contemporary feel through the use of tile, try something besides a neutral color; example: perhaps a gray tone instead of beige. If you feel this reaches too outside of your comfort zone, once again focus on the small details, these can either kill a space or make it shine! With neutral tones, add perhaps a jade green basket weave as your trim or try something more daring such as a pattern of vertical strips with hints of metallic running down the tile.

From the smallest of steps to the more daring ones, contemporary design gives you the freedom to be an artist so take your comfort box and step outside of it.

To develop in taste, quality, and personality one is obliged to respect the past, accept the present, and look with enthusiasm toward the future.
-Eleanor Brown, The Finest Rooms by America’s Great Decorators

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