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Lone Star Remodeling And Renovations is adept at creating environments in the bathroom that stimulate the senses while providing an invigorating start in the morning and a relaxing retreat as the day draws to an end.

Expert Bathroom Design + Remodeling in San Antonio

Creating a custom bathroom is a great way to not only enhance the livability of your home and also create lasting value. Lone Star has the knowledge and experience to work with you to match your style and personal preference to create a bathroom retreat that is functional, energy efficient and is an added value added upgrade to your home. Lone Star is dedicated to partnering with our clients to match their budgets, desires, and goals as closely as possible. It doesn’t matter if you want to simply update fixtures and repaint, or create an exquisite spa like retreat.

One of the most popular home improvement projects in San Antonio bathroom remodeling. A remodeled bathroom will surely provide increased enjoyment of your home, and it is among the home improvements with the highest return on investment. Adding a new bathroom will often recoup at least 90% of your investment when you sell your house, while remodeling an existing bathroom will usually pay back around 80-90%. But as good as these returns are, think about the pleasures you’ll get from your remodeled bathroom until the time comes to sell. There are a myriad of different reasons homeowners choose to remodel their bathroom. It seems though that the one of the most popular reasons is people want a functional yet more inviting bathroom, where they relax after a long day’s hard work. Since a bathroom is a place where so much time is spent, it makes sense to have one that has a soothing, almost spa-like atmosphere. If your current bathroom looks better with the door closed, it might be time for an update. Call Lone Star today to discuss all the exciting options for your San Antonio bathroom remodeling project.

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Average Bathroom Remodeling Costs

As a San Antonio remodeler we are often asked what are some average cost for a given remodeling project. The cost of any remodeling project will vary depending on the type of materials used and the overall complexity of the project. The design of the project can also determine the resale value of the project along with the recouped cost estimates. The following numbers are averages based on remodeling projects completed in the past year.

Basic Bathroom Remodel

Job Cost $12,321 | Resale Value $10,398 | Cost Recouped 84.4%

Midrange Bathroom Remodel

Job Cost $25,536 | Resale Value $18,002 | Cost Recouped 70.5%

Upscale Bathroom Remodel

Job Cost $48,259 | Resale Value $32,347 | Cost Recouped 67.0%

Averages based on Remodeling Cost vs Value Report 2011-12



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